Pair of Crystal Hair Twisties Available in: AmethystBlackWire TanzaniteBlackWire BlueSilverWire CrystalBlack Wire CrystalSilverWire IridescentBlackWire IridescentSilverWire PeridotBlackWire PinkBlackWire PinkSilverWire RubySilverWire
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Crystal Hair Cluster Twisties. These are sold in pairs and are so cute. You screw them into your hair. They are the ultimate in hair jewelry. Try a pair for yourself. If you don't see the color in the pull down, it means it is sold out. These twisties are available in the following colors: Cluster Style: Amethyst, Crystal, Iridescent, Marcasite, Fuchsia, Peridot, Pink and Ruby

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  • Condition: New

Pair Crystal twisties Silver Metal

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